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The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle EastThe first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

Enneagram 1

Know Thyself

In this introductory workshop, the student is introduced to the enneagram and its origins and history of development. The student is also introduced to the different components of the symbol, and the three laws that are manifested by the symbol: the law of One, the law of Three, and the law of Seven.

A brief introductory to the formation of the ego, and how the sense of separation is developed in infancy is presented, with the process of involution from essence to lower self and the loss of connection to true Self.

The three centers of intelligence are then presented, with a brief introduction to mBraining, followed by how these centers are represented on the enneagram symbol, providing the three triads. What each of these triads represents is provided, and how the loss of connection to essence in each triad lead to the formation of the main affects in each triad.

The Enneagram ego fixations and passions are then presented, along with the Holy ideas and Virtues, and each type is discussed in detail including their basic fears, desires, and sense of self. This allows the student to realize their dominant personality structure, and how their patterns and ego fixation affect their life and control their thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

The workshop allows the student to acquire the skill to identify the different ego-drives in themselves and those around them.


· Introduction to the Enneagram

· History and Origins

· Shaping of the Ego

· Intelligence Centers

· Triads

· The 9 Types in detail


Enneagram 2

Immerse Deeply

We then get to immerse deeper into the numerous advanced topics in the enneagram. And the deeper we get, the more we realize the mysteries of the self, and how so many people of the same type may seem so different from each other.

We also study the dynamic behavior of each type, how each behaves under conditions of stress and growth. The dynamic behavior describes how we have access to resources from the types along the inner lines connecting to our type, and how accessing these resources is a more complex process than simply stress and growth.

We also look into the Wings on the Enneagram but from a Sufi divine manifestation perspective, and how the types on either side of our dominant type affect us. 

Finally, Tritypes are presented through the work of Katherine Fauvre, and how we actually have three types operating within us at every moment, one type for each of our centers of intelligence.


· History and Origins

· Dynamic Movement

· Wings

· Tritypes

· Panels


Enneagram 3

Instincts & Subtypes

In this workshop, we discuss the basic instinctual motivational drives, the instinctual biases that work within us ensuring our survival as individuals and as a species, and how these different instincts may shape our Enneatype differently, creating numerous subtypes within the same Enneatype. A brief history of the universe and evolution of life is presented describing the process of appearance of these instincts and linking them to the energy centers in the human body.


· Instinctual Drives

· Subtypes

· Panels


Enneagram 4

Inner Work

This deep healing and therapeutic module studies the different shadows of each type, how these shadows are represented on the enneagram, and how these shadows manifest in everyday life. 

We then go on to learn about the inner child wounds of each type, and how they shape the psychological, mental, emotional, behavioral, and conditioned patterns of the individual their entire life.

The Hornevian Groups and the social style similarity clusters of the types, the Harmonic Groups and how each type deals with difficulty and stress, and the object relation groups are also presented in this module.

The module also provides exercises, techniques, and tools in order to work on these shadows and inner child wounds for further inner work, healing, and purification.


· Object relations

· Social Styles

· Harmonics

· Inner Child

· Ego work 

· Shadow


Enneagram 5

The Shadow

This module continues the inner work by discussing the topic of the psychological shadow.


Enneagram 6


Now that we have covered the types in depth, we are ready to investigate and understand how these types shape our relationships. We move to a detailed study of each type in relations, how they behave, think, and feel, and how we can interpret their behavior and respond accordingly.

We also take a look into the special dynamics between individual types, and how the strategies of the types create unique forces that can reveal cradles of disharmony and tension. Understanding these forces can have revolutionary effects on the relations on the individual and professional level.

This module assists participants in revealing their type strategies and patterns in relationships. Listening to the descriptions from the type representatives themselves, whom have covered a considerable journey of self-awareness and are now capable of reflecting upon their deepest secrets adds profound depth to the understanding of the different types inner workings.


· Instincts in Relationships

· Instinctual stacks in Relationships

· Hornevian groups in Relationships

· Harmonic groups in Relationships

· Object relations in Relationships

· Types in Relationships




Mindfulness and the Enneagram.


Enneagram 8


People mature along their life through numerous stages of development. Oscillating between unhealthy immature levels, average everyday levels, and up to healthy mature levels.

In this workshop, we discuss the different levels of development that normal individuals pass through, and how each level manifests in each type, comparing models of development from the Riso/Hudson school to models from the Sufi tradition, and other models of human consciousness, psychological, and psychospiritual development.

We also provide the means and the necessary work required by each type in order to evolve and grow along these levels.


· Psychological growth process

· The growth journey of each type

· Inner reflections and contemplations


Enneagram 9


This final workshop of the journey is based on energy and contemplative work that helps the seeker find their true self and awaken to their inner reality and their hidden essence.

The content of this workshop is mostly meditative in nature and connects the seeker to the subtle and etheric energies within, allowing them to grow and mature, assisting them on their Journey of consciousness, purification and enlightenment.

Deeper reflection upon, and understanding of, the Holy Ideas of the higher intellectual center and the Virtues of the Higher emotional center are reached through this spiritual work, affecting the inner core of our present self, and connecting us to our deeper realities. 

The module draws from numerous sources, including the work of Almaas, Mitiri, Walsh, Heuertz, Wheatley, Naranjo, and Sufi contemplatives.


· Confusion

· Life Practice

· Spirituality by type

· Contemplation by triad

· The inner triangle

· The spiritual process

· The spiritual dimension of each type

· Mudras, Mantras, sacred names, and spiritual practices for each type.


Levels of Consciousness 1

Stages of the Heart

The levels of development of the heart.



Stages of the Mind

The levels of development of the mind.



Ascending the Stages

How each oft he types evolves long both the stages of the heart and the stages of the mind.



Integral Life Practice

How can we integrate the consciousness work, both of the heart and the mind, in our daily life and make it our life purpose and mission.



Spiritual Transformation

Understanding the basics of spiritual transformation based on everything discussed in the long journey of consciousness and awakening.


Enneagram Teacher & Trainer 1

Enneagram Typing

Learn the art and science of typing with the Enneagram.

This course is provided for the school by Dr. Khaled ElSherbini.

Also, for the year of 2020, those who attend this course with Deborah Ooten or Ginger Lapid-Bogda may be waived of this course.



Enneagram Change Techniques

Change and develop through your type using NLP, Hypnosis, and other techniques.

This course is provided for the school by Tom Condon.



Coaching with the Enneagram

Learn how to integrate the Enneagram into your coaching practice, and take your coaching skills to an all new level.

This is a 5 day course that is provided for the school by Dr. Khaled ElSherbini. Also those who attend the "coaching with the Enneagram" Program with Ginger Lapid-Bogda may be waived of this course.



Trainer of Trainers - TOT

Become a teacher and trainer of Enneagram through learning the skills and methodology of teaching and training.

The first module of this TOT program is a 5 day course which provides a TOT diploma of attendance.,

In order to be a certified teacher and trainer, personalized requirements are provided to each of the attendees. Among these requirements may be presenting workshops, lectures, and enhancing skills in certain areas.

then a 3 day certification course is attended along which the requirements are presented and an assessment is made. Those who successfully pass the assessment process achieve the "certified teacher and Trainer" certification.

This accredited program is currently provided for the School by Flemming Christensen.