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The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle EastThe first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

Sister Companies



Tareeq Transformation is a Limited Liability company, established in Egypt in 2018, under the Egyptian Law. Tareeq brings to the human development market a wide variety of expertise, through its five partners, and an even larger successful individual track record of training and coaching. Tareeq’s biggest asset is the ability to Tailor-Make its workshops and programs based on their clients’ needs, using approaches and tools of different schools of therapy and consciousness.

The word “Tareeq” in Arabic means Pathway. We believe so much in the power of what we do, we believe that everyone should have access to knowing themselves through consciousness learning and a chance in making their life better. This was where “Tareeq” came along. We pave with our clients their pathway to conscious growth and development. We are the way-showers.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with life changing Tailor-Made programs that serve them professionally and personally.

Our Vision

To create a ripple effect by raising awareness through conscious movements at our clients, that would greatly impact their lives, their families and their communities all together.

The Story Behind Tareeq

Starting the journey of self-awareness, Maggie Balbaa met with Samar el Gamal in 2012. Very quickly, they became close friends. One year later their road crossed with Bassant El Menshawy and Khaled el Sherbini. All four were fascinated by how deep this journey touched them, totally changing their perspective of life which consequently had a great impact on their families and their social circles. Hadeer el Refaie jumped on the same train in 2015. Developing themselves through the learnings of different schools of therapy became the focal point that formed the first bond between them.

In 2017, Maggie, Hadeer, Samar and Bassant lived together the experience of bringing light to the lives of more than 200 women, of different backgrounds and social classes, in a corporate campaign of women empowerment. As this was their first project working as a group, the experience shed light on how big the outcome is when they work together.

Driven by the passion of changing lives through consciousness, Maggie offered they do this over and over again by uniting their efforts, skills and knowledge under one umbrella. They then contacted Khaled, who very eagerly, decided to come on board, adding to the bundle his revolutionary studies of consciousness through Enneagram.

15th September of 2018, marks the birth of Tareeq. Together all five partners, bring Tareeq up to 7 years of expertise in different fields of human development and consciousness with a very special focus on Enneagram, NLP and Systemic Constellation work. Their different corporate backgrounds and their existence in different sectors of the working market, is the reason why they can easily assess the challenges their clients face and come up with Tailor-Made workshop solutions that would meet their needs.



BeCon: the Consciousness Academy is a Community Cultural Center, which officially opened its doors in 2015. 

The main mission for BeCon is to create a space and atmosphere where people come together to share their ideas, talk, experience, and create a social and cultural life to illuminate their own daily life.

The work of BeCon is focused on providing events of socio-cultural significance, conducting educational courses, raising consciousness workshops, as well as spiritual classes and lectures, in addition to entertaining and recreational activities for people of all ages and various interests.

BeCon…Be Conscious

Be Connected

Be كن