Ghada Amin



Life is an opportunity, time is an elusion so take your chances it’s never too late

Ghada finished the faculty of commerce 1990 worked as a wife and mother for 25 years helped her husband and her two fascinating daughters to reach their goals. Also, she did never a full-time job she got engage in some charity work for non-profit associations.

 And after the sweet young ladies went to the college, she had a lot of time and because she is full of energy, she couldn’t stay at home any more she began her own growth journey and all at the same time she took NLP & Reiki and the Journey of consciousness until the Enneagram journey appeared in her life. Ghada fall in love with it since April 2017. The Enneagram changed her life as discovering her type, motivation and her capabilities, she changes her life story from a house wife and a part time mother for young ladies to a working woman.

Bachelor of Commerce Ain Shams University

Education Diploma Ain Shams University


Time Line Therapy (INLPTA & IATC)

Reiki second degree ( The HRDA in UK)

Journey of consciousness ( BeCon The Consciousness Academy)

Enneagram practitioner ( BeCon The Consciousness Academy) 

Certified Enneagram teacher from (Enneagram Egypt) & (School of Conscious Living - Middle East)