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The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

The first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle EastThe first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in the Middle East

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Dynamic Enneagram - April 3rd to 7th, 2020 (Postponed)

Dynamic Enneagram with Tom Condon - April 2020

The Dynamic Enneagram Certification Training with Tom Condon. 

Creating Change with Presence, Depth & Skill. 

For Coaches, Counselors and Therapists to use in efficient work with clients of different Enneagram Types, and anyone seeking new ways to grow, change and evolve after experiencing an in-depth perspective on the Enneagram as a dynamic active system. 


Society of NLP

30 IEA points

IEA Accredited Program

The goals of the training:

• To produce lasting, positive change in your clients and yourself. 

• To focus on building skills, collecting specific insights, tools and practices to use effectively both personally and professionally. 

• To powerfully evoke innate strengths as well as move quickly and directly reach the core of a problem. 

• to know the low side expressions of someone’s Enneagram style as a set of defenses – a self-created subjective reality – and the high side as an array of resources and talents existing naturally within each individual.

Topics will include:

• The sensory strategies and subjective qualities of each style. 

• Enneagram growth arcs: How each style typically grows and changes. 

• Secondary gains of Enneagram styles - why we cling to old patterns. 

• What motivates each Enneagram style to change. 

• Techniques for establishing rapport with different styles. 

• Instinctual Subtypes: their motivations, talents and advantages. 

• The Five Elements of Change Model. 

• Feel Good, Feel Bad and Feel Nothing defense mechanisms. 

• Enneagram resource maps - Identifying and maximizing the strengths, and resources of each Enneagram style. 

• Parental Points - the influence of inherited Enneagram styles. 

• Body reading and nonverbal cues. 

• Developing sensitivity as a practitioner and communicator. 

• Working effectively with critical voices. 

• Using humor, metaphor and therapeutic stories. 

• Plans of action and customized practices for each style. 

Date: April 3rd to 7th, 2020

Reservations and Inquiries:

email: k@enneagramegypt.com

WhatsApp or call: +201032445366


Enneagram Demonstrations - April 9 to 11th, 2020 (POSTPONED)

Enneagram Demonstrations with Tom Condon

Enneagram Demonstrations Workshop with Tom Condon - April 2020

At the Enneagram Demonstrations workshop Tom Condon will present various approaches and techniques of coaching with Enneagram and NLP. 

This workshop is demonstrations of one-to-one coaching sessions with all 9 Enneagram types of clients, using different Enneagram styles of coaching, that help people change their reactions, defenses, perceptions and outlook, followed by the methodological explanations of the applied approaches and techniques. 

This demonstrative workshop is for Coaches, Trainers, Psychologists, Parents and for everyone , who is on the path of self-awareness and self-mastery, seeking positive personal change.

Date: April 9th to 11th, 2020

Reservations and Inquiries:

email: k@enneagramegypt.com

WhatsApp or call: +201032445366